Prov 31 29Hello friends, happy Friday.  How was your week? I pray you began each day with the Lord.  I have found it to be a necessity for me to do so.  You see, I am not a people person.  I am more of a Martha than a Mary. I am more comfortable with tasks; they don’t talk back, they wait patiently until I get to them, they stay and go when I want them to.  In fact I can pretty much mold and bend my tasks according to my will. But people on the other hand are not very malleable. Therefore I need the Lord.  He helps me to be gentle, kind, compassionate and patient, especially when I don’t feel like it. I usually don’t feel like it to people who reciprocate with bitterness, anger, jealousy and sometimes even hatred.   I need to spend time with Him, daily because He is an expert at adjusting ungodly attitudes, which,  I’m unhappy to admit, are quite natural for me.  Are you a nice person? Don’t answer that; it’s a trick question. I already know the answer.   Prov 31 22I enjoy thrifting, but you already know that.  I remember the first time I went to a thrift store, I was so overwhelmed, I did not know where to start; skirts, tops, pants, dresses in every size and color and style, and the setup is drastically different from the regular stores.   Now, much to my excitement, I think I’ve gotten pretty good; my not so small closet is a testimony.  This is an amalgamation of the pieces I picked up throughout the month of August.   The Calvin Klein jacket is one my favorite pieces in this haul, and the Jessica Simpson shoes are pretty comfortable.  Surprisingly, these Coach wedge heels are not at all comfortable, I was under the misconception that all wedge are comfortable, not so at all.72F662CC-54A4-4DAF-B271-5A179F3A68489979981D-8C0A-4471-B5AF-376E6CC2DE5133E32A48-70CC-4138-9EAC-1D95978F653001AAF789-920D-4644-96B1-F71F9CC83484D9FC0FD8-C7A8-45D7-9925-61C2183D222B7FD0F765-698F-4F03-A426-8E9EEDA83E8EBB5941A3-54DC-47CD-A25D-8C497CDCE3BF0FDDFF25-E8EF-485E-91C9-EC66C9B3DECC72849BBD-A0A9-4097-97C7-1D426D57C3FFSurprisingly, these Coach wedge heels are not at all comfortable, I was under the misconception that all wedge shoes are comfortable, not so at all. If I am going to be uncomfortable in a pair of shoes, then these heel booties will do; cute, fashionable AND it is comfortable too.  Bring on Fall and cooler temperatures!BEFE1F98-3839-496D-86C0-8716AFA70AA9I know what you’re thinking, but in my defense, I got rid of quite a few pairs of shoes over the summer.  I just replaced them, OK? Although I do not necessarily follow trends, one of the Fall fashion trends is ‘snake print’.  I saw this pair of Colin Stuart and cheap, trendy and cute were my descriptive words. D6A0EE52-F6CB-4E47-8489-911C4C18C1CDThat’s it, I’m done for now.  I enjoy the thrift stores, the prices do not break the bank, thus saving us money, while still being fashionable.  Do you shop at the Thrift stores? If you don’t, why? If you do, what are a few of your favorite pieces?closing1brenda