HELP HIM…please

Wow, well ready or not, August is here, perhaps like me, it definitely came too soon.  In just a few weeks, our house will go from four to two people.  Too soon, my husband and I will be empty-nesters.  Our house will go from kids running up and downs the stairs; no more constantly driving them somewhere or picking them up from the mall.  There will be no more, “mom, I can’t find this or that”, when it is staring at them in the face, because of course, it’s not at their fingertips.  My favorite cereal will last a little longer because someone isn’t sharing it with me.  There will only be me vying for space at my own vanity table; my favorite perfumes will last longer (happy dance).   I won’t have to go to their rooms to find my belongings. I won’t have to remind anyone of their conveniently forgotten chores. I will no longer be someone’s morning alarm.  The house will be quiet for the first time in over twenty years.  IMG_0990Because we homeschooled, there were always kids in the house, at all times, everyday, even on weekends. No more 30 minute showers and always trying to be on time and usually failing.  Well, I can’t really blame them for that; we’ll just blame the Caribbean in me.  Can you see the tears?  In spite of it all, I’ll miss my girls.  I’ll miss their smiles and laughter, their jokes (even though some were not at all funny).  prov 31 17 From four to two; it has not been two for quite a long time.  What will we do? (Huh! We just rhymed! That was unintentional.)  Do we even remember some of the activities we enjoyed before kids came along?  IMG_1456

  1. We enjoyed playing games together, such as Scrabble.  Although he may remember I was a sore loser; but just maybe, I’ll do better)
  2. We enjoyed long (very leisurely) nature walks or cycling. Cycling is new because I just learnt last year. (Yeah me!)
  3. We enjoyed going out for dinner; just the two of us. We can even try out new restaurants!  Dinner for two is so much less costly, isn’t it?
  4. Spontaneous weekend vacations for two sounds very exciting.
  5. We also enjoyed long drives and exploring other communities was always one of my favorite activities.

What are a few activities, you enjoy as a couple? I am desperately in need of a few suggestions.  There is a small chance that I may become a bit clingy with my husband.  I do also have the tendency to hear myself speak.  With no one else around to hear me; my husband may run to hills after the second week.  You will be doing him a favor, by offering a few more suggestions… HELP him, please!   closing1brenda