Good day friends, how are you today? Today the meteorologist promised an almost 90° day, but the humidity will be rather low because of yesterday’s thunderstorm. Beauty is refined under pressure, isn’t it? I love thunderstorms (of course in the safety of indoors); the lightning and thunder reminds me that I serve the God of the Universe.  When I was younger, I believed that God was rearranging His furniture, probably because that was a task my mom did constantly. She rearranged the furniture in almost every room, from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom.  Does anyone else do that? I must admit I do.  The placement of the furniture in different locations gives the feeling of newness, which I love.  Eccl 3 1Too bad life does not come with an always ‘sunshine and roses’ guarantee. I would the first in line to receive my pass.  Why must life be fraught with disaster? Who is exempted? Just once I would like to cross all my t’s and dot all my i’s.  Do I really want to ‘count it all joy’ (James 1:2) when trials and tribulations come my way?  James 1 2We recently watched the movie Incredibles. In the first movie, Elasta Girl whines her suspicions about her husband, Bob, to Edna (my favorite character). Edna listens for a while and then suddenly picks a newspaper and commends to hit her with it.  She reminds her of her capabilities; that she is not without help.  Sometimes, I think this is my God.  I complain about my lot in life.  I whine about the heaviness of my load.  I moan about my trials and tribulations. My God listens for a minute and unlike Edna, He leaves the newspaper behind, (sometimes) but He still reminds me that I belong to Him.  He reminds me that it’s the trials and tribulations that define my character. (James 1:2)  He tells me He is making me beautiful (Ecclesiastes 3:11).  Beauty is refined under pressure.  Romans 8 18He reminds me that just as the earth needs the thunderstorms to be green again, so do I need my ‘thunderstorms’ to grow and flourish. He tells me to keep my feet planted in His Word, to  be ‘rooted and built up in Him’.  He tells me to remember WHO HE IS.  He is the ‘Great I Am’. My Sunday school teacher reminded us on Sunday that God never gives us too much to bear and that all He gives us, He Himself, can bear.  So today, I will ‘cast all my ‘trials’ on Him (I Peter 5:7).  I don’t mind complaining to God, He never, ever leaves me there. He always changes my heart.  If I am complaining about someone; He will show me: ME, which is unfortunate because I was really becoming attached to my ‘big’ head.  If I am whining about a thing, He reminds me of the several other ‘things’ for which I can be grateful.   He is making me beautiful. Beauty is refined under pressure.2 Tim 4 7 Let’s not lose hope, my friends.  Let us not lose sight of the prize waiting for us at the finish line.  There is true beauty waiting for each of us.  How are you today?  How can I pray for you?

How can a mere ‘thank you’ for sufficient for your comments, likes and follows? You literally bring a smile to my face every time I read your comments.  I talk about you as if we’ve met.  Believe me when I say, I appreciate you.  Thank you.