Hey friends, how are you today? Really, how are you? The fifth month of the year is almost on its way out and maybe too soon, the sixth month will be here.  Take a minute to evaluate the past five months.  Are our footprints leading others to a loving, gracious and merciful Savior?  Our lives are an open book and are being read by others (II Corinthians 3:2).  They watch and evaluate us.  Our lifestyles tell them exactly what we believe about God.  It tells them also what they should believe about our God.  Our actions and speech become our testimony for our Savior.  Perhaps there are people out screaming at us to pick a side, because our speech conflicts with our actions.  We say we believe, but our actions tell a different story. prov 31 31I must admit, when I was younger, I did not particularly care what people thought about me.  People’s opinion did not matter much to me. I tried to live my life independent of others. If someone said, “go right”, I went left. I was totally going to be me. This life was going to be just me and God and nobody else mattered.  Ummmm, recently the Lord convicted me of this belief. You see, people matter to God.  You matter to God!  People and their thoughts and beliefs about me; MATTER! Now, I cannot always dictate what they believe, BUT my lifestyle should not encourage negative ideas about me, because I represent the Lord Jesus Christ.Rom 5 5 6Although salvation is free, it demands change. Before salvation we were dirty and unclean.  (Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23).  Before salvation, we deserved everlasting separation from the Almighty God.  I know it’s hard to believe but the truth is our good (works) do not outweigh our bad. It took only one disobedience to plunge the whole world into sin and brand everyone else, a sinner. (Romans 5:12) It only took one sin! The cost of one sin is much greater than any good work outside of salvation. Do you know my God?  james 2 10Rom 3 23Good! Now change must take place.  The world needs a Savior! My friend once told me because we are under grace; we are free to do what we want.  She said God will forgive us and our liberty in Jesus Christ should not be questioned.  That’s immature thinking isn’t it? (Romans 6:15).   Before the wedding, Meghan Markle was not bounded by the rules and regulations of the monarchy. After she became the Duchess of Sussex all the rules and regulations now do apply to her.  After taking on Christ; the rules and regulations found in His Word do apply to us. eph-5-15 It is for our good, but not ours only; it is also for the good of those around us.  The world needs to see a people who demonstrate love and peace.   They need friends who hasten to forgive. They need parents who encourage and are patient.  They need a grandparents’ gentleness and compassion. They need to see humility in their sisters and brothers. They need leaders who demonstrate integrity.   They need a people whose speech aligns with their actions. God is not looking for absolute perfection in me, that’s why He provides an unlimited supply of forgiveness, but He wants me to be consistent and intentional in my daily practice.  I Thess 5 11How are you today? Everyday given is a day to do better, isn’t it? Let’s do better today! closing1brenda