Psalm 144 15I accepted the Lord as my Savior at a very young age. The Lord became my Anchor in a world that was filled with uncertainty and chaos.  He was the One Person, I could count on.  He was my Provider, my Protector, my Defender, the Lover of my soul; He was my Heavenly Father.  I asked and He provided, sometimes He gave me what I did not know I wanted. He gave me a wonderful husband. (Yep, at the time, I had my life all planned out and marriage had no place in it). But He gave me the best man in the world, so I said okay.  A few years later, we got pregnant. The Lord had answered our prayers.  Almost four months later, we received the most upsetting news. I ran to my Father, I pleaded and begged Him to please save the baby. But He said no, we lost the baby.  My heart was absolutely broken. “How could You do this, Father? You gave me this baby! How could You take it back?”  I was devastated, I just did not understand, why, how, my Father could do this, I thought He loved me.  I was inconsolable.

I reveled in being a child of the King, after all, that made me His princess. (I could do princess). I rejoiced in knowing I could run to my Heavenly Father. In His Presence, I would find safety and rest. He was my Anchor; in Him I found stability and security.

What I should have realized then, (but didn’t until much later), is this; God is more than my Heavenly Father. I must admit, I accepted the Lord as my Savior and gave Him a hat with the words, “Father and Anchor”.  I wanted Him to be my Father and nothing else.  He was my Father and I was His child.   Yes, He is my Anchor, but I had not yet made Him my LORD. He is more than the hats and roles; I tried to pick and choose, for Him. I can’t assign Him a role and say, “stay there”.  I can’t contain Him.   Isaiah 66 1

You see as my LORD and Master, He would have the final say in what goes on my life. I failed to acknowledge Him as LORD, because then, that would make me His servant. In my mind being a servant did not come with any benefits.  I did not want to be a servant. As my LORD, I would have to surrender to His authority. I had not yet understood, but I would learn.  I would understand that His ways are not my ways.  He would help me to learn that His ways are better for me. I would later accept that obedience to my Lord is the key to my happiness.

Now I know He is all and more. My puny brain can’t imagine, mere words can’t be formulated, much less express the depth of my God.   These attributes make up my God.  He is all, all the time.  He is not one without the other.  He is perfect in His love. He is the Sovereign Judge.  He is the Alpha and Omega.  He is the “Great, I am! He is God.Is 46 9

This would not be the only time, my God had to remind me that I can’t assign Him a role and place Him in a box. I afraid He isn’t that kind of god. You can’t get a King without the LORD, you can’t have a Savior without the LORD,.. There would be several opportunities for Him to do so again and again. But thankfully He is gracious and merciful and patient.

Have a blessed day and remember: God’s love is unfailing, unwavering and unconditional.

The cost of our salvation was too great a price for us to live life without thought.  The price was too high to live carelessly.  Let us walk worthy of our calling, in light of the cost.

Does servitude come easily to you? If you sometimes place God in a box, what title did you give Him?  Have you made him Lord of your life?