The month of January has five days left!  That didn’t take long did it? The resolutions and the positive inclinations are quickly falling by the wayside.  The ‘one word’ was supposed to be the momentum for the rest of the year.  Yet, perhaps if we’re honest with ourselves, most of us have already forgotten the goals we set for 2018. I found that I, too often, forgot the goals, I desired to achieve. Because I forgot, I failed to change or adhere to the patterns or habits that needed to be implemented. I failed because I did not live intentionally.  Intentional living is a necessity in order to achieve my goals of losing weight, of watching my speech, of living a virtuous life.  I’ll begin again.  

GROWING FAVORITESpro-31-30This is my verse to live by for this year! I love this verse; it’s a good one, isn’t it? Proverbs 31:10 claims, Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies.  The verses that follow give the description of the works, actions and attitudes of this woman. This is God’s ideal woman. Her husband and kids agree with the Lord on this standard of the virtuous woman, in verses 28, 29 (go ahead, read it; I’ll wait).  Until verse 30, we have the ‘why’ she is a virtuous woman.  She ‘does’ this and that.  But we get to verse 30 and it provides the ‘how’. How do I become a virtuous woman? I BECOME a virtuous woman by fearing the Lord.  The ‘fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’ according to Proverbs 1:7. ‘Wisdom’ is a good attribute to attain.  Wouldn’t we all like to hear, as it relates to us, ‘she was a wise woman’? That’s my word for 2018, but we will talk more about that in a later post.  Back to the ‘fear the Lord’, according to John MacArthur, using the ESV Bible Study notes, “The fear of the Lord is a state of mind in which one’s own attitudes, will, feelings, deeds, and goals are exchanged for God’s”. That is ‘how’ we become a virtuous woman.  We submit to the Lord’s authority.  We admit that our standards; our ways are inferior to His. We acknowledge the fact that anything less than complete compliance with the Word of God requires forgiveness.  That the Lord is always ready to forgive is ‘good news’ indeed!   

BEAUTY FAVORITESIMG_2779IMG_2783IMG_2784I found these nail polish at TJMaxx and Marshalls for $4.99. Yes, you heard right! $4.99!! After hearing and seeing these nail polishes in almost every social media feed, I was overjoyed to see them at this price.  For $18.00, which is the usual price to $5.00? WIN!  I do like both colors.  They are not streaky.  They are very opaque, this is after just one coat.  The colors go perfectly in our wintry season.  The 116 Shocking Enamored could perked up any -16 degree temperature and the 160 Louise Enamored definitely calms and reassures us that this season will soon be over.  Can’t you hear them? They are beautiful colors and they wear beautifully. You can buy it on Amazon for $10.00. (This is NOT  an affiliate link) Find it here and here.IMG_2778IMG_2776This Anastasia Beverly Hills concealer in 4.0 in perfect for my skin tones.  A little goes a long way, so I use just a tad under the eyes.  I use my finger to gently pat it into the skin.  It’s creaminess makes it easy to move gently and equally.  I found this too at TJMaxx for a whopping $9.99.  Can you tell how much I like TJMaxx?  You will too, if you take my advice and shop there! This was a somewhat difficult product to find, but you can buy it at the Anastasia Beverly Hills website for $20.00.  (This is NOT  an affiliate link)

FASHION FAVORITESIMG_2789IMG_2792There’s a story here; as some of you may know that I learnt to ride a bike over the past summer.  Well, one day, my husband suggested we ride a historic trail in our neighborhood.  On one side  was the canal and on the other was concrete wall.  My hair got stuck in a branch, (that natural hair!) but I needed both hands on the handle bars (did I say, I just learned to ride).  I was convinced I was going to fall and drown in the canal (because I can’t swim either).  I flicked my hair and quickly replaced my hands back on the handle bars.  In the process I lost one side of this earring.

So my sweet, darling and handsome husband bought these as a Christmas gift.  Yeah!  I think I will keep him.  He also bought me this Chloe Marcie handbag.  What can I say? He loves me! I used this handbag for almost the entire month of January.  It comfortably fits everything I need and even what I THINK I need! Love it!IMG_2796IMG_2797

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have taken the time to follow the blog.  I am humbled by your comments and likes on the posts.  May the Lord be honored on this adventure.

Have a blessed day and remember: God’s love is unfailing, unwavering and unconditional!

Did you make any resolutions this year?  What are your suggestions at keeping them?




18 responses to “JANUARY FAVORITES”

  1. These are lovely favorites! I can’t believe January is nearly over, haha (: The Bible verse you chose to live by this year is a beautiful verse! I love shopping at TJMaxx as well, haha, those shades of nail polish are wonderful. Ooh I love the bag you used throughout January! ❤ Thank you for sharing this with us!

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  2. He sure LOVES you!!!
    And Proverbs 31 is everything I want to be about a woman.
    Now, I’m inspired by to do a January Favorites!
    God bless you and my love to you ❤️

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  3. 😂😂😂😅 that story with the earring tho! Lol! Girl, you got skills with that bike lol! I don’t make resolutions, but everything thus far is in the hands of God and I’m just going with the flow. Where ever he leads me, I’ll go. Great post indeed and I’m loving the 💅! And those earrings are beautiful! God bless! Xx

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  4. Loving your handbag! That colour is literally my go-to colour for bags, it goes with anything and everything! X


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